A tale of two civil wars

BY ALAN W. DOWD, FRONTPAGMAG— The Syrian civil war is now more than a year old. The Syrian army has killed some 10,000 people—and counting.  Although Damascus has made promises about ceasefires and diplomatic settlements, it’s not in Bashar Assad’s DNA to countenance any challenge to his rule. Recall that his father slaughtered 20,000 Syrians…


Quartet to meet in DC, but peace process expectations low

BY HERB KEINON, JPOST— Senior Quartet representatives will meet in Washington on Wednesday amid little expectation that they will have more luck this time kick-starting direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon and…


NY Times weaves a Netanyahu-Romney conspiracy tale

BY LEO RENNERT, AMERICAN THINKER— There it is above the fold on the front page of the Sunday, April 8, New York Times, a tale of a long friendship between GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with insinuations aplenty that it could become an unprecedented and worrisome Israeli influence conduit…


Top Iran army official: No country would dare strike us

BY HAARETZ— No country would dare attack Iran, a top officer in the country’s elite Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) said on Monday, adding that Iranian forces planned to engage in more military drills in order to preserve their combat vigilance. The comments by Mohammad Pakpour, the head of the IRGC’s ground forces, came as Cmdr. Amy…


The eternal liberation movement

BY CAROLINE GLICK, JPOST— Hamas terror boss Fathi Hamad is a notable figure. Hamad is both the director of Hamas’s al-Aksa television station and the terror group’s “minister” of the interior and national security. His double portfolio is a clear expression of the much ignored fact that for terrorists, propaganda is inseparable from violence. Hamad’s…


Video: Chief Rabbi of South Africa delivers Passover message

South Africa Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, and Jewish recording artist Yaakov Shwekey have created a YouTube Sensation that has spread to every corner of the Jewish world. In a few short minutes, the video shows the miraculous sweep of Jewish destiny, from ancient Egypt to nuclear Iran, helping us to understand our world today.

PLO, Abbas Honor Helen Thomas

BY SAMARA GREENBERG, inCONTEXT— The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, honored former White House correspondent Helen Thomas in an award ceremony on Sunday. Maen Erekat, the PLO representative in Washington, hosted a dinner at his residence in an event that recognized Thomas for her “stand against the occupation” and “long…