The Jerusalem Connection is excited to share an exciting new project that we are adopting to support the men and women who defend the promised land of Israel.

You may already know that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is comprised of young citizens of Israel who are part of a conscripted service obligation. These young people are strong, gifted, and eager to enter adulthood with meaning and success. However, like the situation in the US, Israeli schools and society are often fraught with conflicting opinions and narratives about Zionism and Israel’s role on the world stage, as well as its interactions with its neighbors. The young soldier is often left confused or uncertain as a result.

The Israeli Defense Security Forum (IDSF) was founded by retired IDF General Amir Avivi, whose family has been present in Jerusalem since the 1600s. The forum’s mission is to help Israeli youth understand and embrace their role as IDF soldiers to defend and protect the land promised to them in the Bible with passion. The IDSF is committed to helping Israelis connect with their heritage, including the history, the land, and the biblical covenants. Soldiers feel passionate about their missions when they connect personally with the land and Biblical promises. The IDSF helps all facets of society, domestic and abroad, see these truths and incorporate them with contemporary policy, missions, and goals. This is Zionism at its best and purest and the ultimate in combatting antisemitism.

KIRYAT GAT, ISR – FEB 12: Israeli Paratroopers brigade during training (Hativat HaTzanhanim), Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

You can hear General Avivi’s own account of how anti-Zionism is gaining traction within Israeli schools, universities, the press, and government, and how his organization is strategically and optimistically countering this false narrative. General Avivi is my guest on the Sept. 20, 2023, Red Alert broadcast, which you can find on our YouTube channel. Hear firsthand how the IDSF is touching the lives of the military members as well as educating all facets of society so that we can all be supportive, confident, and proud of the mission and mandates the IDF must engage to have a secure and prosperous Israel.

Join us in praying for all members of the IDF from the students poised to train, to the senior leadership members and the policymakers in the Israeli government. Join us in helping provide the IDSF resources, sharing information, and supporting Israel’s security in the variety of strategic approaches the IDSF takes on.

Donate to their good work by clicking below or sending us a check with IDSF in the memo to:
The Jerusalem Connection, Intl, PO Box 20295, Washington, D.C. 20041

Besides praying and providing resources, you can also engage with the IDSF by accessing their vast resources (available in English and for free) to use with your Sunday School, Bible Study group, youth group, or other organization. Policy papers, videos, maps, and deep research analysis are available. Learn about the security issues Israel faces at the local and global levels. If you are knowledgeable on the issues, you can better articulate them to your own networks, and better understand how to cast your vote when it comes to politicians and their agendas regarding Israel (and that includes UN policies regarding Israel). Follow, like, and share IDSF social media posts that are designed to appeal to young people worldwide, Jew and Gentile, toshare why Israel and her security matters to all. You can access all the IDSF’s research and content.

Join The Jerusalem Connection for this journey as we plan partnership events with the IDSF. You can participate in learning webinars and explore how you or your church, school, or organization can even host an IDSF IDF veteran to present his or her own story to your audience, in person. General Avivi and other high-ranking Israeli officers engage audiences by sharing the tangible history of the Bible and connecting it with the mandates to defend and secure the land.

We have a wonderful opportunity to engage with IDSF to show our support and love of Israel and God’s Chosen people. Join us in sharing our heart and zeal to fulfill the mission of Christian Zionists to comfort Israel and in recognizing and championing God’s eternal covenant:

Isaiah 40: 1-2 
“Comfort, comfort My people,” says your God.
“Speak kindly to Jerusalem; And call out to her, that her warfare has ended”


Amy Zewe
Vice President, The Jerusalem Connection