Help Jews from Ukraine make Aliyah

Ukrainian Jews are making Aliyah to Israel by the thousands and Jerusalem Connection is committed to assisting them in their exodus out of their beloved war torn land.

At the start of the anti-Russia protests in Ukraine in 2014, our President Shelley Neese went to Dnepropetrovsk to speak on behalf of the late Pat Hutchens at the opening of an art exhibit featuring Pat’s Auschwitz Album Revisited. The forty-piece art series is on display at the Holocaust museum at the Menorah Center, and remains part of their permanent collection. What none of us predicted was that the same curator, Inna Rogatchi, who organized the art exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk is now working closely with Jerusalem Connection to provide urgent relief to those orphans, elderly, and sick who have stayed behind in Ukraine.

We can’t help but see God’s hand at work as these puzzle pieces come together. The Jerusalem Connection has also been in long-time relationship with Howard Flower, Aliyah Director for the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Howard has been actively engaged with Aliyah from Russia, Belarus, the Baltics, and Ukraine. Howard is an invaluable connection for us as he keeps our Christian supporters abreast of Ukrainian Jews’ specific needs in making their transition to Israel.

Currently, donations are needed to help transport Ukrainian Jews from the conflict zones to safer areas. As for the thousands of Ukrainians that already made Aliyah this year, many arrived with no worldly possessions. The Jewish Agency would like to offer the neediest families grants for basic furnishings and food. Operation Aliyah is more than a humanitarian project. It is a divine calling for the followers of Jesus to assist in “Gathering the exiles of Israel … from the four corners of the Earth” (Isaiah 49:22). Over the years, The Jerusalem Connection has been a part of efforts to bring back more than 80,000 Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel.

We are now giving our attention to the desperate needs of Jews in Ukraine. But we need your help! Please pray for the way to be open for the Jews of Ukraine. And please pray for their safety. And if you are able, please CLICK HERE and make a generous donation to help bring them home soon.

The Jerusalem Connection is standing together with the Jewish Agency and the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem in an urgent appeal to help the Jews of Ukraine make Aliyah. We invite you to be a part of this God-ordained effort. What was predicted to be a brutal winter has settled upon Ukraine.
Donate to help Ukrainian and Russian Jews make Aliyah