Imagine yourself, a young student, embarking on an exciting opportunity to connect your faith, your studies, and your future to the land and people who are the incubators of God’s plan. Imagine your vantage point in Jerusalem, in a location secured by a people dedicated to education.

Hebrew University on Jerusalem’s main campus is atop Mt. Scopus—adjacent to the Mount of Olives with views of the Judean Desert, the Mountains of Jordan, and glimpses of the Dead Sea. The Campus was established in 1918 by academic leaders such as Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, and Sigmund Freud. From 1948 to 1967, the already thriving university was abandoned during Jordanian occupation as snipers and hostilities thwarted efforts to safely educate students. Immediately after the 1967 war, the university reopened the Mount Scopus campus and built it up extensively. Today, Mount Scopus is peaceful and protected. The campus again thrives with people dedicated to the study of history and the ambition for progress. Moreover, it gives students a unique vantage point from which to learn firsthand about Israel’s modern history and ongoing struggles to reach peace with its Arab neighbors.

Imagine what visiting and studying here might be like? To be stepping on the very stones and sands of history while learning from professors with intricate knowledge of their fields? And how would this experience impact your future, your career, your pathway in life, and your faith?

Now imagine you are part of an effort to send a student to this very place to engage in this very experience! The Jerusalem Connection is proud to commence a new scholarship program with the goal of sending one Christian student from the United States to Israel to study for the Fall 2021 semester. To do this, we must raise $12.5k in donations to fully fund a student to participate in a full semester of learning. Hebrew University welcomes students from all over the world to choose from a wide variety of subject areas taught in English, and opportunities to take an internship in Jerusalem, study Hebrew or Arabic (or another ancient language), tour the country on weekends, and talk to people representing Israel’s incredibly rich and diverse population. Our goal in providing this opportunity is to help the next generation gain knowledge, skills, and wisdom to continue the quest to aid and comfort Israel and the Jewish people. With any unexpected overage in this fund-raising goal, God-willing, we can send a second student to a summer or winter term course.

Students mid jump at Hebrew University
Students sitting in lawn of Hebrew University studying

Cost of semester (2020-21):
Tuition: $8,100
Housing: Approx. $2,000
Ulpan (Hebrew lessons) tuition: $1,440
Ulpan housing: Approx. $1,000

Please consider a one-time, or even recurring donation to this scholarship fund to allow a Christian university student from America to have the blessed thrill and opportunity of a lifetime to fortify his or her faith and love of Israel while pursuing his or her education goals. This opportunity is a gift of quality time for a Christian student to have in Israel within a fully developed academic program. Students from all fields of study will be welcome to apply as the Lord knows what industries and influences these recipients will end up holding in their future.

As you know, antisemitism and anti-Israel activity are on the rise, again, as a global problem—including on many U.S. campuses. Now more than ever, Christian students should have the opportunity to experience this biblically significant country during their most formative years of education. Let us help equip our next generation of Christian Zionists to navigate the fight against antisemitism by having firsthand experience in the land, with the people while learning extraordinary topics at one of Israel’s premier universities. The value of sending a Christian student to study in Israel at such a formative time of life, giving them the time and opportunity to forge a deeper, more significant relationship with Israel and its people, is of an intangible measure.

Christian students from both secular and Christian Universities are encouraged to apply.

Students from any degree program or area of interest of study are encouraged to apply.

Minimum requirements and pre-requisites:

Completed at least two full semesters of undergraduate college study

Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.0

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