The Elisha Fund

The Jerusalem Connection has established The Elisha Fund out of necessity, providing food, clothing and basic household goods to Israel’s most needy.

Over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been pushed below the poverty line. According to Israel’s latest Poverty Report, nearly one in every five Israeli families lives below the poverty line.

The number of poor Israeli children has risen considerably. In 2000, 25.2 percent of Israel’s children were poor, but the figure jumped to 33.2 percent in 2004. In 2007, the Jerusalem Municipality report showed 56 percent of the capital’s children and 33 percent of the city’s families were living in poverty. Through our support we are directly affecting these Israeli children by helping them off the street, giving them food to eat and by finding them ways to begin working and/or getting education.

Many of the supplies provided by The Elisha Fund also go to new immigrants who are in need of practical support while they learn Hebrew and undergo job training. New immigrants (Olim) to Israel often find themselves in impoverished situations. While the Israeli government does help initially with financial support, often it is not enough. Some fall through social safety nets and are in need of real assistance. That is one more purpose of The Elisha Fund.

We take care of Israel's most needy through our Elisha Fund. But for us to continue caring for God's covenant people, we need your prayer and financial assistance. Please be in prayer for the growing number of Israelis in poverty and consider giving to The Elisha Fund.
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