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I would like to introduce to our readers a new addition to The Jerusalem Connection team: Andrew McKain. Andrew is joining us as a contributing artist. He is an immensely talented singer and songwriter who has a unique talent for rapping as well, as he makes evident with his intense lyrics and rhymes in “Two by Two.” Andrew lived in Israel for five years, working for an organization that brought support to families of loved ones killed in terrorist attacks. Although he has been back in the United States for seven years, his Hebrew remains impeccable and his heart still bleeds for Israel and the Jewish people. Andrew has written and performed a hard hitting rap titled “Two by Two” about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. His rap articulates the need for France’s Jews to take safety in Israel. In the course of this four minute video, Andrew recounts the last 200 years of Jew hatred, concentrating on the shocking events of the summer of 2014. We hope you share this video with everyone you know. The message must go out far and wide that there is a storm coming. We are pushing this video out on all the major social media platforms. With your help, this video has full potential to go viral. We have to raise awareness if we are going to get the Jewish people ashore.

Meet Andrew McKain


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Two by Two

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