Two By Two – There’s a Storm Coming!

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself back in time before the Holocaust. It’s 1930. Five hundred thousand Jews live in Germany, 9 million in Europe, and in just over a decade 6 million of them will be dead. The signs are everywhere. Jews have become the scapegoat for the social and economic ills of the world. Crowds take to the streets shouting anti-Semitic slurs, defacing synagogues, ransacking shops, and attacking Jews. Most people dismiss the danger, charging the violence to a fringe extreme, or even worse, blaming the Jews for instigating it. The skies over Europe grow darker by the day, as people continue eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage – no idea what’s coming.

But you know the horrors about to be unleashed on the world – the war, the ghettos, the concentration camps, the gas chambers, the unimaginable evil. You see the storm coming.

Noah saw it coming and he built an ark. Theodore Herzl saw it coming and he pleaded with the world to make a refuge for Jews in Israel. If you lived in the time before the Holocaust and you saw it coming, what would you do?

Now, open your eyes. It’s 2015. There are 500,000 Jews in France and 1.4 million throughout Europe. In the past year angry, anti-Semitic mobs stormed the streets of Paris, London, Berlin, and Brussels calling for their extermination. Synagogues were torched, Jewish businesses firebombed, and four Jews were gunned down in a kosher market. Once again, Jews are the scapegoat for the social and economic ills of the world, only this time the charge comes cloaked in the language of anti-Zionism. Whatever the pretense, it is Jew hatred, pure and simple. Anti-Semitism is back with a vengeance, and the enemies of God’s people grow bolder by the day. The mobs, the vandalism, the murder of Jews will only increase. Dark clouds gather over Europe once again.

Andrew McKain - Two By Two


Can you sense it? There’s a storm coming.

Whether we have a few years, a decade, or more, now is the time to act. We must work while it is yet light, before the darkness overtakes us. We’re on a mission to get Jews to safety before the clouds burst open and Jew-hatred floods the world once again. The State of Israel stands ready to receive them, but the journey is difficult. Families will have to leave behind everything they know, start over in a new land, and learn a new language. It’s one reason so many choose to stay, and the reason they need our help.

We cannot turn back the tide, but in the time we have, we can sound the alarm and help God’s people escape the storm. We’re calling on everyone with eyes to see, to help get Europe’s Jews to safety in Israel. Two-by-two.

Are you with us?

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