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The Rogatchi Foundation – www.rogatchifoundation.org – is honoured to announce that its Chairman, internationally renowned Jewish artist Michael Rogatchi has been nominated as one of the candidates to light the Independence Day Torch in Israel by senior member of the European Parliament, supported by the members of the Board of The Rogatchi Foundation.

This year, the government of Israel has decided that the honour of the lighting the Independence Day Torch will be given to the representative of the Jewish Diaspora. It will be the first time ever in the history of the tradition in Israel.


Michael Rogatchi (C). Eliah Song. Mixed Media. 50 x 50 cm. 2017. Part 2. Light of Life diptych. Original art work for stain-glass project in London. ​

MEP Dr Hannu Takkula known for his long-standing commitment to the State of Israel, has nominated Michael Rogatchi. MEP Dr Hannu Takkula ( Finland) was the instrumental figure to institute the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to be officially commemorated in the European Parliament and the EU back in 2000. He is also the senior MEP who annually organises high-level celebrations of the Jerusalem Day at the European Parliament – despite the fact that the re-unification of Jerusalem is not recognised by the EU officially. For many years, MEP Dr Hannu Takkula was the Vice Chairman of the Israel –EU inter-Parliament Caucus and a senior member of the European Parliament Delegation for Israel. Currently, MEP Dr Hannu Takkula is senior member of the EP Delegation for the USA and many other important Committees.

In his Nomination Letter sent to the Minister of Culture of Israel Miri Regev and to the Ministerial Committee on Ceremonies and Symbols, MEP Dr Takkula has written:

‘ With a real pleasure we have learned about your great initiative to grant the honour of lighting the Torch on Yom Ha’Azmaut this year to the representative of the Diaspora Jewry. We found this initiative extremely timely, good and noble, and we would like to thank you very much for such meaningful international public gesture.

Member of The European Parliament Dr Hannu Takkula opens The Route exhibition at the Day of Jerusalem Celebration at the European Parliament. (C) COLIVE.

We would like to nominate as a candidate for the lighting the Torch the world-famous Jewish artist MICHAEL ROGATCHI, the chairman of The Rogatchi Foundation – www.rogatchifoundation.org

All his life, Michael has devoted to the international celebrating the Jewish people, our joint past, present and future. His works on Jewish world has been shown all over the world. His philanthropy for Jewish causes, both in Israel and Diaspora is going strongly and permanently for 30 years. Michael and his wife Inna Rogatchi brought important international Art Solidarity Events to Israel at most daring for Israel State times of forced international ‘blockade’ and hostility towards Israel.
Michael, his wife and The Rogatchi Foundation are supporting Jewish children-victims of terror, Jewish orphans, Jewish elderly, Holocaust survivors in need for 30 years.

Michael is the author of famous Jewish-theme art which has become known all around the world and which are celebrating Jewish history, tradition, culture and solidarity.

Michael is actively supporting the activities of various Jewish communities and Jewish institutions in Diaspora: in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Artist Michael Rogatchi at his studio. (C) The Rogatchi Foundation Archive.

He had been the only artist who had been invited with the solo exhibition for the IV World Litvaks Congress in Lithuania. His works belongs to many leading international and Jewish institutions world-wide, including the Art Collection of the Municipality of Jerusalem; the Art Collection of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Israel; personal collection of Simon Wiesenthal and his family; personal collection of Leonard Cohen and his family; New York Jewish Children’s Museum; Art Collection of the Western Marble Arch Synagogue, London; Art Collection of the Tallinn Jewish Community and Culture Centre, Estonia; Public Vilnius Jewish Library restored in 2011 for the first time after the World War II; and to many other important international institutions and collections.

In everything he does in his international artistic and philanthropic activities, Michael Rogatchi is always led by his main principle: his unconditional love for Israel and its people. According to the artist and philanthropist, “The Main Quality of Jewish People is Our Togetherness”.

It is exactly the same line as your Honourable Committee has set as the main criteria for choosing the candidate for lighting the Torch from representatives of the Diaspora Jewry”.

We at The Rogatchi Foundation are sure that there will be many very worthy candidates for such special honour. Independently from the decision of the Ministerial Committee, we are highly appreciative to MEP Dr Hannu Takkula and to

Chairman of The Rogatchi Foundation, artist Michael Rogatchi. Portrait. (C) Courtesy: The Rogatchi Foundation Archive.

the Members of the Board of The Rogatchi Foundation who has decided to nominate and support the Chairman of The Rogatchi Foundation for such honourable role.

Such nomination by itself is a fact of special appreciation and honour, and we would like to express our cordial gratitude for that to our dear friends and long-standing colleagues both in Finland and at the European Parliament.

The Rogatchi Foundation
April 4th, 2017