“Unbelievable”, “ridiculous” and “impossible” are but a few terms that have been thrown at Jim Barfield in the last 8 years before he would present his research for the first time. But after five minutes into the full Copper Scroll Project Disclosure even the most rigid skeptic sat up and listened.

The staff of the Copper Scroll Project realizes that empty claims can be made by anyone. Claims can indicate that you can “lose five pounds overnight”, “get rich quick” or say, “an important Biblical discovery may be imminent.” With that in mind, we will be disclosing a very small portion of Jim Barfieldʼs research. Releasing just enough to show the possibility that an important discovery may truly be on the horizon. This short video is not designed to convince but rather to show that there is much to be considered in contemplating that Qumran could very well be where Jeremiah hid the treasures of the Temple.