By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

If, as a rumor suggests, U.S. President Donald Trump plans on dividing Jerusalem the strongest objection that will prevent it from materializing may come from his evangelical voter base. According to some, the motives of Christian lovers of Israel run very deep indeed.

In an article, Ben Caspit, a senior journalist for Al-Monitor, cited a “very high-placed political source in Jerusalem,” who stated on the condition of anonymity that Trump’s much-awaited Middle East peace plan required dividing Jerusalem into three sections. One section will be a Palestinian capital in significant sections of East Jerusalem.”

“According to the source, there will be two capitals in Jerusalem,” Caspit wrote. “The Israeli capital in West Jerusalem including control over the Western Wall and Jewish neighborhoods in the city’s western sections, and the capital of Palestine in the eastern section. In addition, there will be a third region, within the Holy Basin, set to be under international control.

This aspect of the plan, which had been leaked to the Netanyahu government, was a source of serious concern since it was recently announced that new elections for the Israeli government will be held in April 2019. According to Caspit, accepting such a plan will lead to massive protests by the Israeli right-wing. Rejecting the plan could damage relations between Netanyahu and Trump.

In his analysis of Caspit’s article, Daniel Pipes, a historian and president of the Middle East Forum, expressed skepticism. Continue Reading…