By Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman, Israel Behind the News

Louis Farrakhan, octogenarian leader of the unIslamic, anti-white Nation of Islam, has been active ever since the 1960s sowing the seeds of racism, anti-Semitism, and hate for our blessed American nation. So why worry about an aging bigot today? Suddenly, Louis Farrakhan’s life’s work is paying off, winning accolades from the far right to the progressive left. Hatred is seeping into the mainstream of our political culture, not hidden in smoky backrooms or behind anonymous social media postings, but proudly touted on the internet and in interviews—a guaranteed path to gain name recognition, recruit voters, and grab media attention.

Here are examples from the Republican side of the aisle:

In California, John Fitzgerald, a proud Holocaust Denier, captured 23 percent of the vote in the “open primary” in a California congressional district northeast of San Francisco. This made him the official GOP candidate and, initially, won him the automatic endorsement of the State Republican Party which inexplicably waited two months before it rescinded the endorsement. Among Fitzgerald’s eye popping platform planks: endorsement of the Farrakhan’s scurrilous pseudo-history, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, falsely alleging that the tiny number of colonial Jewish merchants “dominated” the massive slave trade between Africa and the Americas.

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