By Times of Israel

The head of Iran’s theocratic regime, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, took to Twitter on Monday to denounce the Trump administration’s expected peace plan as a “satanic and vicious plot” and promise that the “fabricated Zionist regime will be eradicated.”

Khamenei often lashes out at Israel and the US and has positioned Iran as a key supporter and funder of Palestinian terror groups.

“Everyone should know that the satanic and vicious plot that the U.S. has for #Palestine— calling it the Deal of Century— will never happen,” he tweeted on Monday. “To the dismay of the U.S. politicians, #Palestine will never forgotten and #AlQuds will remain the capital of Palestine and the first Qibla of Muslims.”

In a thread of five Twitter posts, he went on to vow Jerusalem would never be “given” to Israel: “The turbulent dream that Al-Quds would be given to the Zionists will never come true. The Palestinian nation will stand against it and Muslim nations will back the Palestinian nation, never letting that happen.” Continue Reading