By Anonymous Israeli Intercessor—

Do you sense that we are sitting on the edge of something really BIG? There is a bristling of expectancy in the Spirit that is tangible on the earth. Our world is shifting all around us. The UN Security Council has decided that the Jews are an illegal presence in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem. On Sunday, 70 nations will be gathering in Paris to lay out the plans for a Palestinian State, which will remove the Jews from that land. Trump is about to be sworn in as the US President, while the left wing global elite are doing everything in their power to cast him out, so that they can keep and expand their control toward global governance. There is the sickening scent of Babylon in the air. Still, it feels as if we might have small opportunity for a final course correction before the world falls under the power of the system out of which the anti-Christ will arise. Things are morally declining and physically deteriorating at an alarming rate. National sovereignty is being replaced with godless globalism, even as Islam is making massive strides in social and military conquest. What was normal three years ago is no longer considered normal. What was unthinkable is now the new normal. The moral standards have been shifting away from the biblical mandates for quite a few years; but now these perverse standards are creeping into the positions of power and being decreed as the law of the land. What was once considered unshakable and foundational to our civilized, western nations seems to be washing away in a flood of political correctness, established by global Humanism. The institutional church has become quieter and more willing to accommodate the demands being put upon it by the popular culture. This accommodation arises out of the delusion that, somehow, the church may remain relevant, and be allowed to continue functioning as usual because of its compliance. Well, beloved, we have entered into the season of YHVH’s sorting. The sheep and the goats are being divided, but so are the sheep from the sheep. Those who call themselves Christians or Jews (whether of not they are members of a church, or synagogue), are being tested by the Lord. Important questions need to be asked. What is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to these assemblies, which profess to know His word, and to serve Him? What will they sacrifice? What will they honor? Where will they stand in this conflict between worldviews, and in the clash of moral standards for the present day society?

Revelation 18:2-5 speaks of the Lord’s call for His people to come out of Babylon the Great, because He is about to judge that entity. (NASB)

2 And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird.
3 “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality.”
4 I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues;
5 for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.

What is Babylon? How will we recognize if we are part of it? What does coming away from Babylon look like?

In the above text we see some of very significant and informative words …

–Passion (THUMOS in Greek) … fierce outbursts of indignant, raging, temper
–Immorality (PORNEIA) … gross immorality, sexual immorality, and fornication
–Sensuality (THE GREEK WORD HERE IS STRENOS), TRANSLATED AS SENSUALITY, actually means INSOLENT LUXURY. Insolent means, as rude, arrogant, having disrespect for genuine authority. Luxury means extravagant excesses … often by someone, who feels entitled to have whatever he/she wants)
–Plagues … (PLEGE in Greek) … beatings, floggings, wounding

So, characteristic of Babylon the Great will be a culture of indignant, raging temper … gross sexual immorality, arrogant disrespect of true authority, extravagance, entitlement, and self worship. To set YHVH aside, and to replace His commandments with this kind of wickedness is an act of self-worship … =HUMANISM. Is that our culture today? Is that sort of wickedness found in the so-call church or religious communities and leaders today? YES!


–There are temper tantrums, power moves, jealousies, self-promotions, competition, indignant outbursts of flesh, and feuding factions in the majority church communities worldwide.

–Immorality abounds in the church communities. Masses of bible professing Christians and their leaders are addicted to porn and participate in perverse sexual expressions and practices. Countless members have had adulterous affairs. The young people are told that they don’t have to be virgins at marriage, but can “play around” to find their true soul match … no harm, no foul. Homosexuality is esteemed,, and homosexuals are ordained to the applause of the crowds. Gender is considered to be changeable, fluid, and determined according to personal choice. Babies can be murdered in the womb and the non-essential, aged, or non-contributing members of the human race, can be legally eliminated through euthanasia (or by assisted suicide) in some nations. And all this is taking place while the church sleeps. Even having sex with animals, and sexual behavior involving small children, are no longer considered taboo throughout the modern world. These things are now being considered a legal right of freedom of choice, and as an expression of personal fulfillment in some places. Where is the outcry of the people, who claim to be associated with the God of the Bible?

–In many Christian homes, the youth disdain the elders … openly rebuking them and countering their points of view with arrogant words and attitudes. Elders are no longer referred to by titles of respect, but are only referred to by first name (to keep everyone equal, so the youthful knowledge can rule over aged wisdom). The “tree of knowledge of good and evil” is worshipped … human knowledge, and human understanding exalt themselves over Godly wisdom and truth. True authority is rejected as being outdated, too narrow, and too limiting to support individual self- actualization and personal fulfillment. As a result, the bible has been largely seen as reference book, but not as an authority for human life and morality. It is viewed by many Christian youth with skepticism in regard to its authenticity, reality, and application to today’s modern, enlightened, world.

–Entitlement is the potion of the age. It is served up on the media and in the schools. It is legislated in parliaments and certified in the halls of human justice. Too often, the church and the synagogue promote this entitlement, by granting their members the freedoms and the entitlements offered by the world. In this way, the church leaders hope to keep the young people interested. They hope to keep the big donors contributing. They hope to keep their tolerant, loving reputation manifesting “progressive ideologies” in the world, so that everyone will love them, and come to embrace their Jesus (which is a false version of the real one).

Well, the Lord is now saying that this rebellious world system has just about reached its end. We don’t know for sure, when YHVH will strike it with floggings, and with lethal wounds, but these blows are coming soon.

But here is the good news: THE LORD IS BUILDING UP AN ARMY whose passion is for His heart, word, and reputation. This army seeks after HOLINESS, HUMILITY, SUBMISSION, OBEDIENCE, AND LOVE; not after world acceptance. This kind of heart, priority, and purpose will challenge the Babylonian world system, and defeat its ability to rule over us. We have voices … we have spiritual weapons … we have strategies … and we have a Commander, who is training us and marching with us. It’s time to engage.

This army that the Lord is building will have some strong characteristics:

–It won’t be easily moved or distracted from the Commander’s course, because it will be spiritually founded on the Rock, and not soulishly inflamed by human flesh, nor chasing after demonically-inspired values. This army will recognize HIS voice, and it will follow no other authority … even to the death. The world is very easily offended, but the people of this empowered Body of Messiah will not take the bait that satan would like to use to hook us it into his net … to reel us in, and to carry off the Body of the Believers. These endtime Special Forces will not be impatient, selfish, self-centered, easily insulted, easily aggravated, territorial, jealous, or lazy. They will not snipe at each other or compete with each other; applying soulish strategies to undermine each other to gain personal power. The members of this arising army will keep their sights turned toward the true enemy; taking the battle to the enemy, rather than occupying themselves with infighting against their own troops.

–This endtime army of YHVH will be HOLY! Pornography and immorality will be utterly rejected and hated at their demonic source. If these perverted things approach the eye, ear, or mind gates of YHVH’s endtime soldiers, they will be utterly rejected as options for making personal choices. This caliber of warrior will cut him/herself off from any fellowship with, or affection for, this sin behavior. At the same time, there will be profound compassion shown to those people, who are entrapped in immoral oppressions. Loving the people, while hating the sin, the army of YHVH will endeavor to bring truth and freedom to the deceived. YHVH’s warriors will lay down their lives to release the captives, and to bring those in bondage out of the prisons of sin, deception, and rebellion. Realizing the danger to the deceived (in the present life and in the life to come) … understanding the offense these things present to the holiness of the Lord … the soldiers in YHVH’s army will reject any touch, taste, experiment, and all attraction/affection for these things in their own lives.

–This holy army will also have a profound love of Godly order, and a respect for the generals, who have been tested in the battle, and have been divinely assigned to train them. They will show respect to all those, who stand with the Messiah (from the least to the greatest); covering the backs of their fellow soldiers of all ages and assignments. These Special Forces will be teachable, humble, and submitted to the ways/strategies of YHVH. Husbands will treat their wives with gentleness and with honor … not belittling them, not misusing their authority, nor forcing their will upon them in any way. They will lead their loved ones in the way of the Lord, without bullying them, controlling them, or shutting them down. Wives will submit to the leadership affirmed by YHVH in their Godly husbands, and will reject using the power of manipulation, control, and domination of their husbands. Jezebel will have no place in the marriages of the Special Forces. Ahab will not be found. There will be shared confessions and grace-filled transparency among the troops, which will lead the members of this army to the understanding that all of them are true brothers and sisters in the Messiah. The love and transparency … the care that is demonstrated for tender hearts … the respect that is found within the ranks, will tell the world (and the underworld) that this is a new breed of YHVH lovers.

–This army of Special Forces will make healing and deliverance a serious priority; knowing that hidden, unhealed, wounds, oppressions, bitterness, and un-forgiveness weaken the army … and can cause the death of a soldier. Embracing the truth that there is no condemnation for those in the Messiah, the facades will come down, and the members of the army will feel safe in the ranks. Therefore these warriors will be transparently real. In this way the troops can be healed and delivered … and thereby become more trusted, more forgiven, and more beloved, in order to receive more authority.

–This army of Special Forces that has come out of Babylon, will be content with whatever the Commander provides. They won’t bemoan the loss of comfort and of supplies. Entitlement will not be found within their hearts. Rather than selfishness, this army will be servant-hearted and generous. What they have will be shared with their fellows.

–This army will understand the urgency of the hour, and it will be passionate for bringing the Kingdom of YHVH onto the earth. They will have a deep passion for expanding the population of the Redeemed. The more experienced leaders will delight in training up the new recruits. Additionally, these leaders will operate out of the desire that the new recruits eventually surpass the strength and excellence of their trainers. There will be no personal Kingdom, no competition, and no personal promotion, or pride in the Special Forces.

–This army will be uncompromising. When the face-off takes place, and when nasty curses, charges, threats, and falsehoods spew at them, these soldiers will hold their ground and speak back in strength, in love, and in clarity … without blinking … without being moved … without compromise, and without apology.

–This army will have incredible vision and sightedness. Where the institutional church and the world have been blinded by sin and deceptions, the Special Forces will have anointed Kingdom eyes that will see the approaching enemies before they initiate the battle. These warrior will also see the opportunities and strategies of engagement, through the lenses of the Holy Spirit, and through of the Word of YHVH. In the same way, their ears will be keenly tuned to the approaching sound of the warfare, without missing the tiniest whisper from the Commander. They will multi-task on a spiritual level; changing the battle outcomes on the ground.

–This army will not operate through, or like, the world system … it won’t look or behave like a business, or like a self-sustaining organization. It will be sustained and prospered by the Holy One of Israel, and it will operate only in the Kingdom modalities as led by Yeshua the Messiah.
Holiness, Humility, Submission, Obedience, and Love will be passionate priorities as well as the operative skills for these soldiers.

–The weapons of this army will defeat the forces of this world and those of the underworld. They will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and through the word of their testimony. And when faced with choosing their own mortality or surrendering to the enemy, these soldiers will die rather than move away from, or denying, the Kingdom of YHVH.

–When the world is shaking and spiraling out of control … when people are panicking in fear/dread, this army will more forward in strength, in peace, and in total faith. This feature will totally humiliate the arrogant power of all those, who threaten and hate them.

–This army will be carrying the banner of LOVE into the battle against those, whose standard is Hatred and Death. These Special Forces will wield the sword of truth, which will shatter the false altars and gut the lies.

–This army will lay aside the love of carnal things, and will hold passionately to that which is eternal in the Kingdom of Heaven.

–When the world is crashing down around them, this army of Special Forces will become more stable, and stronger, as it rises above the fray. Worship will cause these warriors to ascend to the place of victory. Their worship will terrify and confuse the enemy, while it will cause YHVH’s soldiers to rise above the fracas; claiming and holding the higher ground.

–These solders will see the required price of their service to the King, and they will willingly pay it. No slander, no imprisonment, no death sentence will change their Kingdom priorities or course. Material gain will not seduce them into abandoning their call or their warfare.

So here we are … facing off with final clash of Kingdoms. Babylon is rising in power and in arrogance. At the same time the Lord is sending out a call for volunteers, who will be ready to enlist in His army of the Redeemed. He will train us. He will qualify us. He will use us mightily against the dark kingdom and its initiatives. But perhaps the most precious thing about all this is that Yeshua will be fighting with us, even as He leads us. Our victory is sure. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our Commander will use EVERYTHING … even the errors, the missteps, and the losses in our lives, to become the platforms of victory, when our restoration is established in His wholeness. May He give us the grace to enter into the battle! May He give us His heart to win the lost. May He enable us to take ground for His Kingdom until He comes to deal satan’s kingdom its final death blow. He is looking for His warriors. He is calling them forth? There are no age limitations, and perfection is not a pre-requisite. Are you ready to sign onto the “all-in” enlistment? May it be so for all of us! He, who calls us will equip us and keep us! Let’s not delay. The war has already begun.