The Jerusalem Connection Versus Antisemitism:

A Position Paper from a Christian Zionist Perspective

By Amy Zewe

The Jerusalem Connection is a network of Christian Zionists who follow God’s promises and covenants in regards to all Biblical teaching, from the Gospel of the Cross, to the role of Israel and the Jewish people in God’s plan both historically and for the future.

The Jerusalem Connection practices Christian Zionism not as a means to an end, but rather as a practice of recognizing, honoring and acting on God’s promises and covenants. The Jewish lineage commenced with Abraham at Mt. Moriah with his son Isaac; it is this point in history where God personally reached down to humanity and chose a people by which to administer His plan of salvation and reveal Himself to all of humanity. The promises made to the Jewish people and the subsequent nation of Israel, recorded in what is now called the Old Testament and reflected and fulfilled in the New Testament, are still in full force and effect to this modern day.

Jewish People and the nation of Israel, throughout their history and continued existence, have always been and will be part of God’s plan as revealed to us in holy Scripture—despite the efforts of many to erase it.

Christian Zionists love Israel and love the Jewish people because God loves them—collectively and individually. Christian Zionists believe in and act on the promises God has made to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel; we rejoice in the fulfillment of those promises and we mourn when worldly influences seek to destroy the nation and the people.

Anti-Semitism was born the very day God spared Isaac and rewarded Abraham for his obedience. This hate is spiritually fueled because the Jewish lineage is how God chose to reveal Himself and to save humanity from its fallen nature.

Anti-Semitism is officially defined by the IHRA as

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”
Go to IHRA website for a list of contemporary examples of antisemitism.

Anti-Semitism takes many forms—from a soft offensive of skewed media reports to blatant violence of shootings in synagogues. Anti-Semitism is often veiled in ironic efforts of human rights advocacy and political twists known as anti-Zionism. Anti-Semitism can be subtle through omissions of facts and context when reporting on modern day issues, and it can be blatant through open hostility, both verbal and physical, against Jews in general, Israelis, and even those who support either. In any case, Anti-Semitism’s goal, at its core, is to erase the Jewish people and the nation of Israel from the modern world and from history.

Anti-Semitism will use a variety of methods to achieve this

  • genocide (recorded in history more than once)
  • violence (against civilian and military targets)
  • lies
  • hyperbole
  • historical revisionism
  • propaganda
  • spin
  • lies of omission and overt omission
  • duplicity

Anti-Semitism in its subtle but dangerous form is recognized in

  • The Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement
  • The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on college campuses
  • The United Nations and its sub-agencies UNWRA and UNESCO (among others)
  • J Street and The Jewish Voice for Peace (among others)
  • The mainstream media outlets (Throughout the Western World)
  • College Campus faculty, organizations, and departments including Middle Eastern Studies
  • Social Media

Anti-Semitism, of course, is recognized in its most blatant forms

  •  Terrorism in general
  • Iran’s entire leadership
  • Holocaust Denial
  • Hamas and Palestinian Authority writings and rhetoric (most usually in Arabic and not for English audiences)
  • Attacks on civilian targets in Israel
  • Attacks on Synagogues and Jewish community centers and schools in the US and other Western nations
  • Hostilities committed against Jewish people, students and faculty alike, throughout the academic world—usually under (or never) reported.
  • (These lists are not exhaustive)

The subtle and veiled forms of anti-Semitism are often dismissed, misunderstood, and even forgotten by many in the Christian community and greater Western world. Harsh violence is often mourned and met with some outrage and forgotten in mere days or weeks after an obligatory recognition that bloodshed is bad. But each form of anti-Semitism is just as dangerous as the other and is borne from the same perspective: To eliminate the nation of Israel and the Jewish people (or at least to completely subjugate them). The first, subtle form will lead to the blatant form. This we know. This we can measure. This, we can curtail with continued exposure and counter measures. God willing.

Anti-Semitism is dangerous not just to Israel and the Jewish people, but to all people that share the values of democracy, truth and justice, and freedom: Values that are God-ordained and God-given.

The Jerusalem Connection labors tirelessly to identify anti-Semitism in all its forms and to call it out. Shining a light on evil is the first step to crushing it. Using reason and logic, God-given skills; and scripture and history, God-given information; and passion, God-given hearts, we will defend Israel and the Jewish people worldwide regardless of who is in the White House, appointed to the United Nations, and in spite and despite any other political or cultural condition or atmosphere created by media, government, and pop-culture.

We will steadfastly love and offer to Israel and the Jewish people
• prayer
• comfort
• solidarity and advocacy

We will defend Israel’s and Jewish people’s rights
• to exist
• to protect themselves
• to protect their borders
• to live and work freely in the international community without discrimination

Our solidarity comes not from any gain we may have or hope to have, but our solidarity comes from the directive of the Creator Himself, whom we love and honor and obey as He fulfills His promises that we rest in.

The Jerusalem Connection serves as a watchtower and advocate for connecting history and scripture with events of today–all with a love for God and a solidarity for what God has promised to His chosen people. Christian Zionists recognize that we share history, values, morals, ethics, and world-views with the Jewish people. The modern state of Israel, while as imperfect as with any nation and as all peoples, is a true blessing to this world in so many ways—tangible and intangible.

The contributors to The Jerusalem Connection study holy scripture, pray, diligently study history, and analyze contemporary situations. We report, we inform, we teach. We do this all with a heart for Israel and the Jewish people. Because justice and truth must prevail in a fallen world.

The Jerusalem Connection calls for all to join us in this endeavor:

Legislators, church leaders, business people, cultural influencers and citizens: Please strongly advocate and implement actions and policies that significantly limits BDS, identifies and exposes anti-Semitism in public institutions, and confronts global bad actors with exposure.

For a full list of scripture that supports our position, please see the “About US” page.