The Good Samaritan


Copyright 2009 by Pat Mercer Hutchens.



The Good Samaritan depicts the story from Luke 10:30. There are three cut stumps in the foreground. The man beaten and left to die was obviously cut down. The men walking off into a stormy distant were cut down too, but by their own actions. Their shadows are lengthening as they walk into a dark place. On the left side of the painting is the actual building with the lone shade tree at its side — as it is found today at the place of the Good Samaritan in Israel. The growing corn on the left side speaks of resurrection and redemption and should be a perpetual reminder that there is always hope for restoration by turning back to God. Measure of giclee archival print is 11” x 14”. All donations go directly to The Jerusalem Connection’s ministries for Israel. Copyright 2009 by Pat Mercer Hutchens.