Marilyn Levar

Marilyn Levar


 “I started working for Jerusalem Connection eight years ago. Marilyn Henretty (M-1) and I have always done ministry together. We were at her home one day and discussing what the Lord might have in store for us to do next. General Hutchens called, out of the blue, to ask her about coming to work for Jerusalem Connection. I was in another room when she took the call and I had picked up a magazine to read while she was on the phone which happened to be The Jerusalem Connection Report. I instantly knew it was Gen. Hutchens calling.  I told M-1 to tell him that he could have two Marilyn’s working with TJCI for the price of one! Every Tuesday, Marilyn Henretty and I begin our day with intercessory prayer and reading scriptures. We seek Yahweh for His direction for Jim, Shelley, TJCI contributors, the ministry, our families, and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace of the United States.“

Volunteer Specialties: Checks incoming office emails; Hand addresses and stamps all outgoing mail; Manages store inventory and product mailings; Keeps office trash empty and kitchen clean; Prays for the specific requests submitted by TJCI readers; Represents TJCI at pro-Israel DC events.

Serves as unofficial office chauffeur; Bakes homemade scones and other goodies that she loves to share; Keeps the reception desk candy jar full; Personally licks the envelope on every outgoing piece of mail; Laughs with her entire body and soul.

Code name: M-2

Birthplace: Washington