Marilyn Henretty

Marilyn Henretty


“The first time I ever went to Israel was in 1981. It was my first time to fly or even leave the United States. My Mother went home to Jesus suddenly and a friend invited me to go to Jerusalem with her. I felt at home in Jerusalem. My love for Israel began the moment I set foot on Israel’s soil. I have been to Israel eight times since and must return, hopefully next year. A love for Israel is buried deep in my blood. It is Yahweh, my Husband and Lover of my soul, drawing me to His hometown, Jerusalem.  Talking about Israel and my love for the Jewish people seems as natural to me as breathing. Every Tuesday, in the middle of our Jerusalem Connection offices, Marilyn Levar and I sound our shofars and bring forth a surprising anointed harmony that is so wonderful.”

Volunteer Specialties: Maintains and updates database; Records and deposits all donations; Manages files and keeps everything organized;

Runs office errands; Answers the phones; Prays for the specific requests submitted by TJCI readers; Represents TJCI at pro-Israel DC events.

Blows the shofar as loud as any trained Rabbi; Makes occasional runs for emergency milkshakes; Sings like a bird (and as often); Witnesses to every waiter or waitress; Dresses as colorful as possible and never fails to accessorize.

Code name: M-1

Birthplace: Pennsylvania