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The Jerusalem Connection Report is the voice for Christian Zionism. We attract high quality readers through our blog, website, and E-news which stay current in speaking from a Biblical perspective to all the issues of the day involving Israel. Readers of The Jerusalem Connection Report are engaged agents who value information and education to inform their support for Israel. They actively seek knowledge on all things pertaining to Israel.

They travel to Israel. They participate readily in political advocacy. They volunteer their time and offerings to pro-Israel organizations. They are conscious shoppers, using their buying power to bring good to Israel and support like- minded businesses. Advertise with us and reach the Christian Zionist, pro-Israel community on a deeper scale than anywhere else.

Ad space is limited but we offer our professional advertising expertise to organizations, businesses, publishers, and educators who submit advertising that is valuable to our readers and consistent with our mission and vision. If you are interested in advertising with The Jerusalem Connection Report, please contact:

Shelley Neese
Managing Editor
Tel: 703-707-0014
Fax: 703-707-9514

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