The Cyrus Fund

After the Spanish Expulsion in 1492, many Sephardic Jews migrated to the “New World,” to the Americas. Initially entering through Tampico, Mexico they spread out through Mexico and to what is now southern Texas and New Mexico. Later, many migrated throughout Central & South America. Some historians suggest those with a Sephardic Jewish Heritage in the Americas may now exceed 60 million.

The majority of these Sephardim have not been fully aware of their Jewish roots. They only knew of secret family traditions like lighting candles on Friday and having scripture boxes nailed to door frames. But there has been an awakening. Now, many Bnai Anusim, the lost Sephardic Jews in Latin and South America, are discovering their Jewish identities and Hebraic roots for the first time.

The Jerusalem Connection’s Cyrus Fund finances Aliya of Sephardim from Latin and South America. Through events and partnerships with Hispanic organizations, pastors, and Jewish community leaders, we are working to identify and encourage Anusim who feel called to return to Israel. The Jerusalem Connection will even provide a means whereby Bnai Anusim can check to find out if their DNA actually qualifies them as a Sephardic Jew. If the DNA tests confirm their identity and they want to immigrate to Israel, we want to help them through our Cyrus Fund.

We are focusing on the Negev in southern Israel as the future home of the Sephardic Jews. In doing so, those who partner with us will help fulfill Bible prophecy; “The exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad (Spain) will possess the towns of the Negev.” (Obadiah 20).

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