The Auschwitz Album Revisited Booklet



This booklet brings together all the Auschwitz Album Revisited paintings in one place alongside each of the black and white photographs that inspired them. The Nazi photographer who took the pictures may have had motives to dehumanize his subjects, but quite the opposite is achieved in this work. Thanks to the cooperation of Christian Friends of Yad Vashem, this booklet includes high resolution copies of the original photographs that are stored safely in Yad Vashem’s archives. Also, each painting includes Pat’s explanations of what moved her to focus on specific women and children from the photographs.

Today, there are those who brazenly claim that the Holocaust is a myth, a lie. Those of us who are still alive must speak for the ones who cannot. Antisemitism is again rearing its ugly head worldwide. Once more, Jews are the target of choice to blame for the world’s problems, whether it is the global pandemic or the racial protests. The chapter of evil in the world is not over. It must continue to be actively fought against. One way of continuing that fight, is remembering. Remembering is resistance.

Our goal with this treasured collection of paintings and the photos that inspired them is to continue to distribute the booklet to organizations and individuals who can carry the message to our next generation.