Safe Houses

Dear Friends of Israel and The Jerusalem Connection,

The above the fold headlines in a recent issue of the Washington Times stated: “Israelis may stay home to avoid arrest.” The lead article went on to say, “Israel is seriously considering restricting travel to Europe by its senior officials and military officers fearing they might be arrested in the wake of a disputed U.N. report that accuses the Jewish state of targeting civilians in its Gaza war earlier this year.”

This is but another example of the growing anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiment, which many feel is rising to pre-WWII levels.

As a matter of fact Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is on record as saying “It is 1930 and Iran is Germany.” Others have noted the similarities of the anti-Semitism of the 1930’s, not only in Iran, but in Europe and even in the United States. This is particularly true with the growth of Islam and its inherent antipathy toward both Jews and Christians, taught in the Koran.

Which begs the question, will safe houses be necessary again? Some of our Jewish friends look realistically at what is occurring and ask, “Do we have any friends out there?” They see that Iran’s President continues on-going threats to wipe Israel off the map. They see Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is on fast track. This is no idle threat. This man means what he says! Remember the sequence, first the Saturday people, the Jews, and then the Sunday people, the Christians. The Nazi concentration camps are a living testimony to this chilling truth.

Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, opened in 1933. In total, over 200,000 prisoners from more than 30 countries were housed in Dachau of whom two-thirds were political prisoners and nearly one-third were Jews. 25,613 prisoners are believed to have died in the camp and almost another 10,000 in its sub-camps. Dachau had a special “priest block.” Of the 2720 priests (among them 2579 Catholic) held in Dachau, 1034 did not survive the camp. The majority were Polish (1780), of whom 868 died in Dachau. First the Saturday people then the Sunday people. Should we expect anything different if authoritarian national socialism reigns?

It’s hard to imagine anything like this could happen in the United States of today. The Jews are woven into the very cultural fabric of our country. Likewise Christians, with 50 million evangelicals alone, are the spiritual spine of our republic. Yet, did not the Jews and Christians in Germany in the 1930’s think the coming atrocities to be inconceivable?

Realizing the sobering possibilities that may face us, many Christians plan to or have already prepared safe-houses all across this country – to hide Jews – in case it comes to that. We hope it never does. We must pray fervently that it never does. We believe, however, we must prepare ahead of time. Many are getting ready and equipped to follow Corrie Ten Boom’s example and hide people (like Anne Frank and thousands more) in safe houses.

Are you willing to help? This low profile effort will obviously operate quietly and below the radar. No one person is in charge of it all or knows where all safe houses will be. If the LORD touches your heart to participate in a safe house network, send me a personal letter with your contact information. Someone will be in touch with you. Do not phone or email this information. Please write to me personally by letter.

In closing I want to remind you of these words from Jesus. Regarding the inevitable and unprecedented tribulation that all mankind will face at some time in the future, Jesus said,

“Stay awake and be watchful at all times, praying fervently that you may have strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36).


God bless you as we stand together,






Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D.
Chaplain (Brigadier General) U.S. Army (Ret.)
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