The Sign


“All you ever need to know about the end times” by Robert Van Kampen



In his book The Sign, I believe Robert Van Kampen has made a monumental contribution to all believing Christians and Jews. Published in 1992, his book has not had wide view or acceptance among believers, but as the “day” approaches, I believe God will work providentially so that it gets the broad attention it deserves. In my judgment, The Sign is the most thorough, biblically researched study, as well as the most convincing, compelling analysis of the “end times” that I am familiar with. With over 500 pages, it is in itself a complete course in eschatology: study of the “end times.”

I skimmed the book several years ago, but recently have gone through it line by line – “smelling the bark” so to speak, on every word – with my Bible in one hand and Van Kampen’s book The Sign in the other. As far as I know this is original thinking – I have not seen this any place else. Yet, it has answers to all the questions you have ever had about the “end times.”

For example, he outlines the sequence of events from a strictly biblical viewpoint, that will transpire once we are actually in the “end times.” At the outset, he notes the absolutely essential place of Daniel’s 70th week (found in Daniel 9:24-27) in the understanding of the “end times.”

He raises questions like, “What and when is the Great Tribulation?” “What and when is the Rapture?” (A subject of intense debate for nearly 200 years.).“What is the Day of the LORD?” “When will all Israel be saved?” “When will Armageddon actually take place?” All these questions and many more are covered from a strictly Biblical standpoint.

Many of God’s people are not well informed and thus are ill equipped to face what the Bible calls “the last days.” Sadly, many Christians and Jews don’t have a clue as to what is coming – very likely in our lifetime. The Sign is a huge step toward a remedy. We at The Jerusalem Connection offer the book for a donation of $30.00. We would love to get it in your hands and hear your thoughts.

Next to the Bible, this may be one of your most important books.