By Hannah Gal, Jpost

My kids are the only Jewish kids in their school and I fear for them more than myself. I do fear for the future. My husband and I are keeping a very close eye on the political situation and we are prepared to move to another country should it become necessary.”

These are not the words of a 1930’s European Jew, but the present day sentiments of a London suburb mum. She is not alone.

A 2018 Jewish Chronicle survey has revealed that 1 in 3 British Jews have considered leaving the UK due to rising antisemitism, whilst the ominous term ‘Jewxit’ has recently sprouted, referring to a doomsday scenario where the entire 300,000-strong Jewish community flees the UK following a Corbyn win.

The Jerusalem Post has heard from British Jews whose concerns over Corbyn’s headline grabbing antisemitism are so grave, that they have considered emigrating should the party leader come to power. The anxiety level within Jewish circles is such that several months back, former chairman of the Conservative party Andrew Feldman had penned a sternly worded letter to Jeremy Corbyn saying, “I want you to know that many Jewish people in the United Kingdom are seriously contemplating their future here in the event of you becoming prime minister. This is because they can see that Labour, a party with a proud tradition of tolerance and inclusiveness, is now a hotbed of feelings against Israel and therefore the Jewish people. Quietly, discreetly and extremely reluctantly they are making their contingency plans, and this would be a tragedy.”

This sentiment is echoed by Jonathan (not real name) for whom the choice is clear. Continue Reading….