The holiday of Shavuot is upon us. It begins Saturday evening on June 8th and ends the evening of June 10th. If you haven’t heard of the Biblical holiday of Shavuot, that’s probably because you are more familiar with its Greek name: Pentecost.On Shavuot, Jews celebrate the events that took place on Mount Sinai. The Bible recounts that fifty days after the Hebrews were miraculously rescued from slavery in Egypt—a miracle marked on Passover—Moses returned to the same humble spot where God first spoke to his servant through the burning bush.

Fast forward 1300 years, give or take, and we come to the day of Pentecost. Fifty days after Christ’s resurrection and just ten days after his ascension, the disciples journey to Jerusalem to celebrate Shavuot. But on that day, as God so mysteriously designed it, another covenant was born—not one that would supersede or replace the first covenant but expand it.