On April 30th, I had the chance to attend a reception at the Rayburn House Office Building for the relaunch of the Israel Allies Caucus. This is the second caucus event that I have attended this year and I wanted to share the importance of the organization with our subscribers and put their respected agenda on your radar.

The Israel Allies Caucus is a caucus in the United States House of Representatives made up of members who strongly support Israel. This year, the caucus is co-chaired by Representative Eliot Engel, Representative Doug Lamborn and Representative Brad Sherman. The Caucus was first founded on July 27, 2006. At the time, Israel was at war with her Lebanese neighbor and the entire world was pressuring the IDF to declare a unilateral ceasefire. Member of Knesset Rabbi Benny Elon, bless his memory, came to Washington DC and our own Jim Hutchens accompanied Rabbi Elon as they knocked on doors in Congress to rally support for the implementation of the U.S. Congress’s first pro-Israel bipartisan caucus.