By Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus, BIN

The EU has decided to help the PA and its leader Mahmoud Abbas to continue paying salaries to terrorists by pledging to give the PA 15 million euros to cover salaries for public employees – salaries Abbas has cut in order to keep up the PA’s financial rewards to terrorists. Abbas has declared that the PA is “obligated” to continue rewarding the terrorist prisoners and families of the so-called “Martyrs” even if it will be with their “last financial resources.”

Earlier this year, Israel decided to withhold from the tax money it collects on behalf of the PA an amount equaling the sum the PA pays to terrorist prisoners and released terrorist prisoners. These prisoners include mass murderers and heads of terror organizations. In response, the PA has refused to accept all the tax money, amounting to over 50% of its budget, thereby inflicting a serious financial crisis on itself.

To overcome this crisis – and in order to have money available to continue to pay the terrorists in full – the PA has cut the salaries of its law-abiding public employees by 50%.

Palestinian Media Watch has further documented that Abbas then had the nerve to ask Europe for money, claiming Israel is responsible for the PA’s self-inflicted crisis.

Believing Abbas, the EU has now answered his appeal and stepped in to help pay the salaries to terrorists and murderers.

As money is fungible, the fact that the EU’s donation of 15 million euros is earmarked to cover “the April salaries and pension payments of approximately 57,000 [PA] public employees,” is in reality self-deception, because:

1. The PA cuts salaries of public employees to free up money to maintain full salaries to terrorist prisoners;
2. The EU gives PA money to cover salaries to public employees;

… as a result, the EU indirectly pays terrorist prisoners

Rather than condemning the PA practice of rewarding terrorist murderers, the EU is becoming a willing partner in the program, enabling the PA to continue. Continue Reading….