By Yochanan Visser, Israel Today

Israel came to a standstill on Thursday morning 10 AM in commemoration of the Holocaust during World War II.

The annual memorial of six million Jews who were brutally murdered by the Nazis came after a shocking anti-Semitic event involving the world’s largest newspaper The New York Times.

The paper came under fire after the publication of an outright anti-Semitic cartoon which was first published by a relative small magazine in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Der Stürmer-like cartoon depicted a blind US President Donald Trump with a yarmulke on his head who was led by a dachshund with the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu who wore a collar with the Star of David.

The message was clear: The Israeli PM was controlling the White House and Trump’s policies just as the Nazis falsely claimed Jews were controlling Germany before and during the Holocaust.

The publication of the cartoon caused outrage in Israel and the Jewish communities in the Diaspora and that in turn prompted a flurry of excuses by the editorial staff and A.G. Sulzberger the publisher of the NYT.

While the editorial staff tried to blame the publication of the cartoon on high work pressure and a short-staffed international edition Sulzberger said in a memo the NYT “fell far short of our standards and values in this case.”

The NYT publisher announced “disciplinary steps” would be taken against the editor who published the cartoon and promised other measures which would “ensure prejudices of any kind do not make it into our report.” Continue Reading….