By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, BIN

Breaking Israel News has been attacked by a Christian media ministry that is reiterating classic antisemitic claims of Jewish global domination but there is a new twist in this age-old hate-speech: pro-Israel Christians are included as part of the conspiracy.

TruNews with Rick Wiles produced several videos focusing on articles published on Breaking Israel News. In a video released on YouTube titled “Trumped Up Prophecies: How Kabbalah Wizards & Christian Zionists Are Trying to Build a Third Temple“, Wiles accused Jews of using “witchcraft” to influence President Trump into building the Third Temple, which he called “the devil’s temple.” He also accused prominent evangelical leaders of accepting bribes from Jews to advance their agenda.

In the video, Wiles explained that he disagreed strongly with Christian leaders for what he termed “heresies.” He claimed that evangelical leaders were scheming with “satanic kabbalah mystics…to use President Donald Trump to pave the way for the building of a Third Temple in Jerusalem.” Wiles defined the Jewish practice of kabbalah as “voodoo that Jews do…from Satan,” describing gematria, traditional Jewish numerology, as “witchcraft” forbidden by Biblical mandate.

“This is why the Jews were kicked out of the Promised land,” Wiles said. His co-host described Christian Zionism as a “fellowship with the devil.”

“[This is a] Satanic marriage between kabbalah wizards and American evangelical pastors and Bible prophecy teachers and ministry leaders,” Wiles stated. “Kabbalah is witchcraft and sorcery from Satan.”

Wiles also singled out evangelical leaders John Hagee, Mike Evans, Pat Robertson, and Perry Stone, for promoting Zionism

“They are in alignment with kabbalah wizards,” Wiles said. “I didn’t know how Zionist Pat Robertson was.” Continue Reading….