By Ron Cantor, Messiahs Mandate

On Thursday, the body of Ori Ansbacher (19!) was discovered in a wooded area near Jerusalem. There, she encountered Arafat Irfaiya (29) a Palestinian from nearby Hebron. He pulled out a knife, and after raping her, he viciously stabbed her until all life was gone from her body. Then he fled.

Irfaiya confessed to the murder, after Israeli police quickly captured him, but he has little to worry about. He is a Palestinian hero. The Palestinian Authority will make sure his family gets a salary for the rest of their lives.

Where do they get money like that, given that their economy is stymied. In part, they used to get it from the the United States, but recently President Trump cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, until they stop the barbaric practice of paying terrorists. President Mahmoud Abbas said this summer that “our martyrs and prisoners and wounded people. We will not allow anyone to interfere with the money that Israel is against us paying to the families of martyrs and prisoners.” A month later, Trump cut off $200 million dollars in aid.

However, the EU and the UN have been unwilling to take such measures. In fact, the UN is actively encouraging more aid to the corrupt, barbaric Palestinian leadership. It shows how little they think of the Palestinians—that they are so primitive, that they can’t be held to the most basic of decent human standards. Continue Reading….