By Rachel Avraham, Jerusalem Online

Recently, it was reported by Abu Mazen that Trump’s deal of the century is, in fact, a confederation between the PA and Jordan, an idea that was discussed at the Jordan Option Conference at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center last year and that I reported on in a recent article in the Christian Post.

While the Jordanian monarchy has dismissed the idea of a PA-Jordan confederation and Abu Mazen declared that he will only consider it if such a confederation includes Israel, the idea is still championed by those on the Israeli right, who feel that it will help Israel to rid herself of areas that are demographically problematic while holding onto areas of the West Bank that are strategically important for her security.

Given this, how realistic is the Jordan Option for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

Presently speaking, Israel has a significant terror problem and this issue shows zero signs of going away unless concrete action is taken. The Southern Command Chief of the IDF recently warned that there will be no calm with Gaza over the next decade as the navy fired warning shots toward Gazan vessels trying to break the blockade. According to Mendi Safadi, who heads the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Affairs and Human Rights, “Terrorism is growing and growing, building a sophisticated international network that uses the latest technological tools and turns the technology into a murder tool whose effectiveness is sometimes superior to that of conventional weapons.” Continue Reading…