By Rivkah Lambert Adler, Breaking Israel News

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, director of Israel365 and the publisher of The Israel Bible and Breaking Israel News believes that the rejection of replacement theology by contemporary Christians is a “prerequisite for all of the other stages of geula (redemption).” He told Breaking Israel News, “As a Jewish rabbi, I’m not comfortable telling non-Jews what they should believe and do. However, I do feel strongly that the time for the rejection of replacement theology is now, to bring about the continued stages of redemption.”

What exactly is replacement theology? Bob O’Dell, co-founder of Root-Source, a Christian portal for dialogue between Christians and Jews, believes that replacement theology exists on a continuum. O’Dell said, “This replacement could be as minimal as ‘the church is God’s preferred institution’ to the most aggressive form of replacement theology which transfers the entire calling and purpose of the Jewish people over to the church, while relegating the Jewish people to a place of hell on earth – without hope, without promise, and devoid of anything good, [without] any hope of redemption.”

Robbie Coleman of Zion’s Bridge Ministry used even stronger language to define replacement theology. “It is more than errant doctrine, which began late first century. It is a devised plan by God’s enemy to deceive His creation, to keep them from His protective covenantal blessings — the blessing through Israel to the nations.”

In advance of this past 9th of Av, a date in the Hebrew calendar that marks the destruction of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem and other tragedies in Jewish history, O’Dell and Ray Montgomery, a Root Source subscriber from New Zealand, put together a list of anti-semitic actions throughout Christian history. Continue Reading…