By Yori Yalon, JNS

Turkey’s efforts to deepen its foothold in eastern Jerusalem are persisting unabated, Israel Hayom has learned.

The Turkish nongovernmental organization Mirasimiz (“Our Heritage”) has recently been renovating homes in eastern Jerusalem and distributing food to Arab residents of the capital who are in need, with the aim of expanding Turkish influence in the city.

Based on a thorough investigation, and following previous reports in Israel Hayom on the topic, it appears that Mirasimiz and other Turkish-backed NGOs are actively intervening in many aspects of east Jerusalem’s daily life.

Currently, for example, the NGO is investing significant resources into renovating homes in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. The laborers it hires even wear vests emblazoned with the Turkish flag. This is while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reverted to publicly denigrating Israel at every turn.

In social media ads, Mirasimiz describes itself as a “task-oriented NGO, which specializes in … deepening the Ottoman Empire’s historical cultural heritage in Jerusalem.” Its self-described goal is “to preserve Ottoman history and the spiritual and cultural heritage in Jerusalem for future generations.” Continue Reading….