The people living in southern Israel deserve to be honored as heroes. They have built lovely homes and vibrant communities and are raising beautiful families under the harshest of conditions thanks to their hostile neighbors. Only a short distance away Palestinian terrorists are continually taking aim at these Israelis simply because they are Jewish and live in the land of Israel. They are building tunnels to infiltrate Israeli communities in order to kidnap, kill and brutalize innocent Israeli men, women and children.

Earlier today rockets started falling once again in the south. Fighter jets have been heard in the night skies over Jerusalem flying training missions. It’s comforting to know that Israel is alert and her men and women in uniform are prepared. This is something that is very special about Israel. Young Israelis are genuinely proud to fulfill their duty to serve in defense of their country and many have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Recently, while observing the situation near the Gaza border, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Professor Simha Goldin and his wife, Dr. Leah Goldin. Professor and Dr. Goldin are the parents of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin who was brutally murdered by Hamas on 1 August 2014. More than two hours after a United Nations and U.S. brokered humanitarian cease-fire went into effect, Hamas terrorists crawled from a tunnel and ambushed an IDF unit. Only 23 years old, Hadar Goldin was killed and his body dragged into the tunnel. To this day his body is being held hostage by Hamas as a bargaining chip along with the body of 20-year-old IDF soldier Oron Shaul. Refusing to return bodies to the next of kin for a proper burial is a serious violation of the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. Where is the outrage from the world? You’ll be surprised at what Hadar’s parents had to say.

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