By Avi Abelow, Israel Unwired

Currently, the US Jerusalem consulate is an anti-Israel office that is under the direct control of the State Department and NOT the White House. AP is reporting that this might come to an end.

To understand the current, and horrible state, of the US Jerusalem Consulate, listen to what journalist Caroline Glick has to say.

Trump’s Decision
5 US officials, as reported by the AP, claim President Trump is considering a plan to move the Jerusalem consulate under the authority of the Embassy and the ambassador’s control. The impact would mean finally giving the US Ambassador to Israel authority over ties with the Palestinian Authority. This will make a huge impact.

As Caroline Glick details, the Jeruslame Consulate today is the mirror image of the PLO’s (Palestinian Liberation Organization) offices in Washington, Europe, South Africa and around the world. Those offices run the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, sanctions movement.

How is this Possible?
Today the US Jerusalem consulate is not under the authority of the US Embassy or the White House. It is an anomaly that hardly exists in any other country in the world. The US Embassy, and the Ambassador report back to the White House. The US Jerusalem Consulate, however, reports directly to the State Department, and NOT to the Ambassador or the White House.

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