Jewish families work for the week before Passover getting their home rid of any leaven or “chametz.” Not even a crumb can be left in the house. It inevitably turns into a great chance to spring clean. Pantries are cleared of cereals, flours, pastries, and any and all products that the rabbis have deemed unkosher for Passover. Refrigerators, ovens and microwaves are thoroughly sanitized. The evening of the Seder meal, Jewish families ceremonially search for leaven anywhere in the home. By candlelight, they inspect every corner, under every piece of furniture, and even pockets of clothing for a bread crumb that perhaps got overlooked.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is not meant just as a reenactment. The Israelites fleeing Egypt ate matzah for a week and therefore so do we. Leaven or yeast symbolizes sin and evil influence. When leaven is added to a batch of dough, it quickly spreads throughout the dough and alters the dough’s composition. This is the effect even if it is the tiniest bit of leaven. That is why leaven is such an obvious symbol for sin, hate, and evil in our life. We have to rid ourselves from it completely. Like the matzah that is eaten all week, believers must be cleansed and renewed from immorality, sin habits, and evil influences.