By 1776Christian

Come July 2020, as many as 10,000 Christians from all corners of the world will gather in the holy city of Jerusalem to celebrate the Pentecost.

Christians believe that this is the land where the Pentecost first happened, and in 2 years time they will unite here in faith to commemorate the special day. Pentecost is celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter, which is approximately 49 days in count.

Christian believers all over the world commemorate Pentecost as the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and other followers of Jesus when they were having the Feast of Weeks, also known as Shavuot, and the events of the day are outlined in the Acts of the Apostles.

This massive event is being organized by the group Empowered21, and it will run under the name “Jerusalem 2020 Empowered21 Global Congress”. The event will take place from June 1st to 3rd at the Pais Arena in Jerusalem. Empowered21 is a group that plans and brings faithfuls together for Spiritual events and festivities.

According to Billy Wilson, the Empowered21 co-chair, the event will be focused on the role that true worship plays in building Christian’s relationship with God. The event will be graced by 3 renowned musical worship teams namely Bethel Music, Planetshakers, and the Gateway Worship. The Bethel Music team has produced over 15 albums and influenced Christian worship across the globe. In 2016, the group was nominated for 10 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

Gateway Worship is comprised of more than 40 musicians, singers, songwriters and worship leaders. Together, the team has sold hundreds of thousands of individual tracks and albums. Planetshakers on the other hand is run by a member of Empowered21, and has published more than 30 albums.

Ossie Mills, the executive director of Empowered21, says that the Israeli Ministry of tourism has informed him that the Jerusalem 2020 congress will be the biggest event of this nature to ever happen in the Holy City. “We expect faithfuls to gather here in huge numbers like never before. And the goal of this event will not only be for Christians to pray in Jerusalem, but also to leave the city with something tangible that they can apply in their lives and homes”, added Mills.

Mills said there is something so special about Jerusalem and how Christians connect with the holy land.

“The land is just marvelous. When you get off the plane, every part you goes ‘wow!’ Your eyes and ears see and feel what you have been reading or hearing about for years; The Land of the Bible!” Mills exclaimed. “When you come to Jerusalem, you don’t leave the same. Your faith will be replenished; you will feel inspired, transformed, and definitely empowered.”

Many Christians learn about ancient and modern Israel in the Sunday school classes, but they don’t really understand the Jewish state. One needs to visit the land in person and see the magnificence of the place first hand.

Empowered21 is connecting Jerusalem 2020 with the idea of one having 20/20 perfect vision. The organizers hope that he event will be an eye opener (literally giving believers a 20/20 vision) that will make thousands of believers feel the presence of God within. The organization also hopes to take advantage of the event to further solidify the future goals of their mission.

Previously, Empowered21 has hosted other global congresses in different countries. The first was in Jerusalem in 2015, and it attracted well over 4,500 believers from over 70 different countries. The other congresses were held in Kiev, Jakarta and France. This year, the event will be held in South Africa, while 2019’s celebration will be in Guatemala.

“There are more than 620 million spirit-empowered believers around the globe. Can’t we even do more if we unite?” said Mills in his closing remarks.