Inna Rogatchi(C). Talking To the High. Homage to S.Y. Agnon.

Artist Inna Rogatchi Won the X Il Volo di Pegaso National Italian Arts, Literature and Music Award in Fine Photography. The Award is organised under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture, and is conducted by the team of the Italian National Institute for Rare Diseases led by professor Domenica Taruscio, thus exemplifying important co-operation between arts and science in Italy, with emphasis on the therapeutic and psychological role of arts, and its importance for formatting a personality and its well-being.

Inna Rogatchi wins prestigious Italian Art Award for the second year in consequent which is highly unusual achievement. 48 finalists in the visual arts categories of the contest had been chosen by the very strong jury panel led by Professor Claudio Strinati, famous expert on the Renaissance and the world authority on Caravaggio and Titian. The theme of the Jubilee X Il Volo di Pegaso contest of year 2017-2018 was A Dream.

Inna Rogatchi is the winner in the Fine Photography category with her work Talking to the High which is the artist’s homage to the Nobel laureate for literature S.Y. Agnon.

This work is a part of the Rogatchi’s internationally acclaimed Horizon Beyond Horizon: Celebration of Jewish Talent series consisting of art works and mini-essays. There is the mini-essay dedicated to S.Y. Agnon: “The Nobel Laureate for literature S.Y. Agnon was writer with the talent, knowledge, vision and soul’s capacities that would make proud any nation. But he was not a representative of ‘any nation’. He was quite-essentially Jewish and Israeli writer whose mystique was exquisite and timeless. Whatever S.Y.Agnon is writing in his fine and truly magnetic books, he always talks to the High. He does it with a massive knowledge, impeccable intellect, but also with an unbeatable charm of striving, open and ever youthful soul that ‘infects’ his readers at once and for ever. Reading fine and magic pieces created by S.Y.Agnon one always flies”.

The leading Spazio MatEr art gallery will host a month-long exhibition of the finalists and winners of the X Il Volo di Pegaso in Spring-Summer 2018 in Rome.

The Rogatchi Foundation and Inna and Michael Rogatchi personally will continue to work together with our Italian friends and colleagues in pursuing our joined efforts in professional, scientific and humanitarian way of applying art into the formatting and support of children, and treating those in need. We do believe that art, music and literature all are unparalleled psychological tool which should be indispensable and fundamental part of upbringing, and also to be used widely to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals.

We are saluting the Professor Domenica Taruscio and her colleagues in their important, interesting, and enriching humanitarian work.

The Rogatchi Foundation