By Zoe Strimpel, Telegraph

A friend of mine, a (non-Jewish) supporter of Israel, performed an experiment once. Cloaking herself in a giant Israeli flag, she set out from her home in Oxford, wending her way into the town centre. The goal was to see how far she could get before trouble started.

It wasn’t long. Within five minutes, a man of Middle Eastern appearance had started following her, shouting anti-Semitic abuse. Within six minutes, he was verbally threatening to kill her, and she’d started running. At the 10-minute mark, the police had to intervene (she emerged physically unharmed).

My brave friend repeated the experiment the next day, and the next, just to be sure. More or less the same thing happened.

If that wasn’t proof positive of the nasty way in which Israel provides an outlet for anti-Semitism, what is? And yet not everyone was satisfied by my friend’s data. Many with whom I shared the story came up with.