From our Anonymous Israel Intercessor


Many issues are on the agenda … including the Iran deal, the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Syria, the Palestinians, etc. Bibi will also be meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other top American officials. The first lady, Melania Trump, will be hosting Sarah Netanyahu during the meetings. There is concern, that following meetings with Jordan’s King Abdullah, and after contact with other Arab leaders, Trump is backing away from his Jerusalem Embassy commitment, and is weakening on his stance about the right of Jews to govern and to build their settlements in contested territory. Recent comments by Trump … ie. that he is “thinking” about the embassy being moved, and will wait to see what might happen … and that settlement building “may not be helpful” in reaching peace with the Palestinians … have caused some concern in Jerusalem; suggesting that the President is altering his stance on Israel. We must pray that the Lord will be in the middle of all these meetings this week in Washington.

**Pray for divine protection for Bibi’s travel, and for all facets of these meetings. Pray for sweet rest, and for perfect health for him and for all the Israeli delegation.
**Pray for Israel to remain in peace, while Bibi is out of the country. Pray against any betrayals, coups, or attacks while he is away.
**Protect Trump and Bibi from any assassination attempts, and from all betrayals in or out of these meetings.
**Pray against Distractions, against Miss-Communication, Bind Ego, and Offense.
**Pray for the Lord to speak to Trump through Bibi and through his staff.
**Pray that Trump will be humble and teachable … knowing that he is still learning about this Middle East conflict … understanding that Bibi is the trusted expert.
**Pray that Bibi will be clear and passionate, and that he will have an impact against any unholy compromise that Trump may be considering be put on the table. Pray that Bibi successfully combats and replaces all falsehoods and misconceptions.
**Pray that Bibi will speak any, and all, truth that the Lord wants him to communicate to Trump.
**Pray that Bibi will not be moved by any facet of the “deal” that would not be pleasing to YHVH
**Pray that they will discuss what is on the Lord’s agenda, and what He determines as the business concerns for these two nations.
**Pray for the Lord to “school” Pence, Tillerson, and Ryan through what Bibi shares.
**Pray against ALL LEAKS in the White House. Pray for all betrayers and leakers to be exposed, shamed, and booted out.
**Pray to silence the deceitful Left-wing media, both in the USA and in Israel. Pray that the Lord would make it impossible for them to spin, skew, or misrepresent the truth of these meetings.
**Pray that Bibi will not agree to anything that would weaken or obligate Israel to the US in an unholy way.
**Pray that Bibi’s words and insights will have a greater impact on Trump than the words and positions presented by any of the Arab or international leaders.
**Pray that these meetings will begin the strongest alliance between an America President and an Israel Prime Minister in history.
**Pray that Trump will hear in the Spirit that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those, who betray or curse Israel, will be bitterly cursed by the Lord. Send forth the fear of YHVH into those meetings, and into Trump’s heart/mind.
**Bind down the spirits of Personal Power, Pride, Posturing, Manipulation, Deceit, and Intrigue. Release the Spirit of Truth, Transparency, Humility, Integrity, Honesty, Truth, and Righteousness.
**Pray that Trump will move the embassy to Jerusalem in the perfect way and timing of YHVH. Pray that he will withstand the consequences of rage from the dark powers that will arise in response to that move.
**Pray that the discussions involving Iran will be deep, and will come to an agreement regarding how to deal with that threat.
**Pray to break the fog and confusion that the enemy will be sending into these meetings and into this relationship.
**Pray that there will be an agreement regarding how to proceed with the Syrian situation.
**Pray that Bibi will be able to effectively explain the settlement issue and Israel’s legal right to build according to international law.
**Pray that they will devise a counter measure to deal with the UN resolution against Israel’s legal, rightful, possession of Jerusalem and the West Bank.
**Pray that the Lord would bring forth the beginnings of a plan to deal with the Palestinians, according to the agenda of YHVH.
**Pray for a sweet relationship of trust and respect to form between Melania and Sarah.