By Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director ICZC

I Keep Judea and Samaria.

These are disputed areas – not “occupied territories” even though the whole world labels them as such in its insistence that in its self-defensive war Israel took territories that did not belong to her. Jerusalem’s official position on this must be changed and then adhered to: Israel liberated its own promised land from illegal occupation by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; an occupation rejected by the entire international community except for Britain and Pakistan, and which lasted from 1948 to the Six Day War in 1967.

II Israel should in no way fear a demographic problem arising out of keeping all Samaria and Judea, but face it vigorously with the following measures:

a) Make bringing Jews home from all over the world a top governmental priority, with an upgraded Ministry of Aliyah fielding the best candidates to explain abroad the need for aliyah.
b) Stimulate natural population growth by providing financial assistance to large families. Where possible there should be an overall effort to counsel against the evil of abortion, so that the tens of thousands of Jewish children that are being aborted every year will live – to be adopted if need be by Israeli families who would love to have children of their own.

III End all distinction or difference between those who desire to be loyal citizens of the Jewish State of Israel, imposing on all the same obligations and giving all the same rights.

This includes the obligation to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Such a move may cause a voluntary exodus of many of the Muslim Arabs now living in Israel with Israeli passports, for a great number would in all likelihood refuse to serve in “the Jewish Army” to defend a state which, in their heart of hearts, they wish to see become a Muslim-controlled Palestinian state. Their departure will free Israel from those who would otherwise use their citizenship to undermine the very state they are part of.

IV As Ambassador Yoram Ettinger and others like Paul Morland, Birkbeek College, University of London, have amply documented, there is in the foreseeable future no, I repeat no, demographic danger for Israel to hold on to all of Judea and Samaria.

Paul Morland “Defusing the demographic scare”

V Furthermore it sounds a bit hypocritical to say the least when more to the left leaning Israeli politicians and commentators suddenly seem to be overly concerned that by keeping or annexing Judea and Samaria Israel will cease to be a Jewish state and so endanger her Jewish character – a Jewishness which many of these leftists are ready to trample under their after the goyim running feet whenever it suits them.
This hypocrisy has to stop and those who want a Jewish democratic state in all of ancient Israel should be forceful in rejecting this hypocritical nonsense.