By Noam Amir, Maariv

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Tuesday that in the IDF’s next conflict he would instruct the army to use full force, and not take any half measures.

Speaking at a conference held by the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Liberman said, “The next conflict to break out will be with full force.

There are no more conflicts with half power or quarter power… We won’t stop in the middle – these are the IDF’s orders at this time.”

Liberman said that the next conflict would continue “until the other side waves the white flag. It must be a war with the most powerful profile possible.”

The defense minister mocked world powers’ ineffectual meddling in international conflicts, including Syria, saying they would be better advised not to interfere in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“I suggest not touching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Those who want to help us should forget the excessive meddling of world powers. On this issue they have no understanding of the meaning of the conflict, and they come to force themselves on us without an invitation,” Liberman charged.

“I told them, ‘show me one case in which you succeeded in the world, after you have some success, come talk to me.’” Speaking of Israel’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, Liberman said: “We need to take into account that Syria is very complicated, because there are terrorist organizations there of every kind, with the involvement of all of the regional and international powers. We need to maintain our red lines, which we have made clear to everyone.”

Liberman also said that Syrian President Bashar Assad must be removed from power. “My stance is that Assad must be removed. From a humanitarian perspective, this a person who used chemical weapons against his own people. A man who brought every kind of terrorism to his country. He has become an Iranian puppet and he cannot remain in power.”