By ICEJ News

Several incidents of anti-Semitism have been reported around the world this week, leading to a growing sense of alarm in Israel. The incidents, in the UK, South Africa, and several countries in Europe, has prom calls for preparations to be made for a large influx of new immigrants.

Reports surfaced on Wednesday that in the town of Oldham in northern England, a vehicle parts distribution center quoted a price of 1,025 pounds for a mirror that should only have cost 40 pounds to a customer because he was an Israeli citizen. “As we do not recognize the state of Israel we do not ship to such non existent countries however delivery to Palestine can be arranged at a sensible price,” said an email shop owner Mursal Israr sent to the customer, in response to an inquiry about the situation. The Ford Motor Company is investigating and considering taking legal action against the shop for its unauthorized use of the “Ford” brand in its name.

The reports came even as the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) issued a scathing statement in response to what it characterized as a tepid response by University College London to a recent incident on campus in which protesters violently interrupted a CAMERA event and allegedly assaulted students attending it.

“UCL issued an unserious response in which the violence was denied, despite video footage that showed physical coercion,” CAMERA executive director Andrea Levin said. “UCL seems more concerned with public relations than with protecting Jewish students’ rights of free speech. It’s shameful. UCL needs to respond meaningfully, not just try to quell bad publicity. Mob behavior mustn’t be tolerated on any campus.”

In related news, anti-Semitic graffiti was discovered at Wits University in Johannesburg Tuesday, the latest such incident to occur amidst large and often violent protests at several South African universities over a variety of grievances which have included bizarre accusations against Jews generally and the State of Israel in particular.