By Ted Belman, Israpundit

1. Wall Street Journal: Obama Plans to Recognize Palestine

White House plan that would kill the peace process. 10/27/2016

2. Obama Preparing Anti-Israel Offensive by Jenna Lifhits, WEEKLY STANDARD

The Obama administration is manufacturing a crisis with Israel in anticipation of a post-election diplomatic push targeting the Jewish state, and this past week launched a series of broadsides criticizing the Israelis through the media and in press briefings, according to congressional sources and Jewish-American officials who spoke to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

The White House and State Department lashed out after the Israelis advanced plans to build in areas the administration considers to be off-limits to new Israeli construction, using language that reporters noted is usually reserved for terror attacks.

Asked by journalists why the administration stated that it “strongly condemn[ed]” Israel’s plans to advance construction, a phrase ordinarily used “to denounce acts of terrorism,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest replied that the construction “provoke[s] strong feelings in the administration.” In that briefing, Earnest also suggested that Israel betrayed commitments to Washington, while a State Department official separately said Israel would be “cementing… perpetual occupation” if it built the houses.

The latest controversy revolves around construction that the Israelis say is within the already existing Israeli neighborhood Shilo, but that the administration says constitutes a new settlement. Congressional officials who spoke to TWS said that the administration’s condemnation is a pretext for eroding relations with Israel and potentially for setting up a broader diplomatic offensive.

“They’re launching this weird, aggressive campaign that simply will have no positive outcome,” a senior congressional source told TWS. “It’s not an accident that all of this has been going on as Congress goes into recess [and] as attention is diverted by the election.”

The source said that while the administration has engaged in similar behavior against Israel in the past, this case appeared “far more coordinated and aggressive.”

“The president is in the market for a legacy,” the source continued. “I’m very concerned that he’s going to do something that he considers to be dramatic, just to get his name on the process.”

Another congressional source told TWS that President Obama has been “waiting for an opening” to condemn Israel.

“200 housing units in an existing community that did not expand the boundaries at all? That’s not something that should even make the news in Israel, let alone the U.S.”

The source suggested that the administration had also coordinated with media outletsthis past week to release material criticizing Israel.

“The fact that they seem so prepared for this, the fact that it comes at the exact same time as this crap from the New York Times and Vox,” the source continued. “I [think] they were waiting for something.”

A senior political official at a nonpartisan national Jewish organization told TWS that the White House seems to be setting up the Israelis to take the blame for a fabricated crisis, which could then be used to justify diplomatic action against Israel.

“It’s no secret that the Obama administration is angling to do something against the Israelis after the election, when it will face no political pressure,” said the source. “That’s exactly why lawmakers from both parties have been penning letters and resolutions calling for the President not to throw our Israeli allies under the bus at the United Nations or target them domestically.”

“The administration wants to be able to say the Israelis forced them to act, which is why they’ve launched these efforts to blame Tel Aviv for tensions.”

3. What are some of the hallmarks of the Obama strategic approach?

Obama has perfected the sequenced rolled out White House directed “echo chamber” which includes prominent members of the US foreign policy establishment; prominent members of the media and selected academics. The goal at which they have been very successful is to control public perception. David Samuels (The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru – How Ben Rhodes rewrote the rules of diplomacy for the digital age, New York Times,May 5, 2016 ); Jay Solomon(The Iran Wars -New Light on the Dark Story of the Iran Deal,); Tony Badran (Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease The Tablet September 21, 2016 ) have all provided detailed, specific accounts of these Obama administration spin campaign activities.

The US military leadership has been shut out on North Korea, China, the Iran deal, Syria, etc. This was highlighted unanimously by the Joint Chiefs recently in their testimony before Congress where they expressly stated their concerns with ( and opposition) to administration policies. And repeatedly emphasized that their contact with the president was very very limited and explicitly he did not call upon them for advice but instead relied on his inner circle White House advisors .

The White House intentionally forestalls action by promising to act decisively…. and then by doing nothing allows the window of opportunity to close…. and then states that now it is too late. Examples include the forestalling of Israel destroying Iran’s nuclear capability and the forestalling of the arming of the non-Islamist opponents of the Assad regime.

4. What does this portend for Israel?

The Obama administration has been willing to tolerate more than 500,000 civilian deaths in Syria and the creation of millions of homeless refugees.

The administration has been willing to turn a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism.

The administration has signaled to Israel’s enemies that US support of Israel is tenuous ( the White House stopped resupplying to Israel while Israel was under attack from Hamas in Gaza. The administration shut down Ben-Gurion airport when a stray missile landed quite a distance from the airport thus signaling to the enemies of Israel that Israel would be vulnerable should any halfhearted attack take place in the future. Etc.)

The administration believes that they have neutralized any American Jewish opposition by creating J St. and by what appears to be a takeover of the Anti-Defamation League.

Further, the memo of understanding with Israel in fact places handcuffs on Israel and on Israel supporters such as AIPAC. it was intended to circumvent Congress and prevent a future administration from being more sympathetic to Israel than is the current Obama administration.

The MOU reneges on the US guaranteed to Israel to maintain Israel’s qualitative superiority.

The MOU ignores the increase in resources provided to Iran to purchase advanced offensive and defensive weapons; the flow of these funds which enable Hezbollah to increase their anti Israel missile force to 150,000 missiles with improved warheads and guidance ;and the provision of hard currency to Iran which enables Iran to work closely with North Korea in improving the North Korean ballistic missile capability (more precise guidance; development of warheads capable of carrying nuclear weapons, etc.) and on the development of improved nuclear weapons. Currently Iranian scientists are active on a day by day basis in Korea. Also, it is likely that hard currency will be provided to the North Koreans from the amounts that are available to Iran from US payments coupled with an improving Iranian economy.

Pres. Obama’s speech before the UN coupled with President Abbas speech before the UN are a clear warning to Israel.