Monday Oct. 17th thru Thursday Oct. 20th

Sukkot week nightly meetings each day, 6:30pm to 9:00 pm. We will be grilling all kinds of delicious Kosher food each night for dinner, free for all attendees. Worship, videos presentations, member teachings, and Yahweh’s prophetic revelation as usual. I am sure he will have something to say.

Sharon Sargeant will be teaching on the Tribe of Benjamin and the end times on Wednesday, Oct 19th.

Moe Rivera will be teaching on Thursday, Oct. 20th evening about the coming end times events as predicted by the Bible.

Friday night Oct. 21st

Jim Hutchens and Neil Snyder will be teaching and we will have Jim lead us in a Shabbat dinner for all attendees. Dinner to start at 7:00 pmincludes mesquite grilled Kosher beef, chicken and lamb.

Worship & Jim will be teaching on the coming end time wars for Israel. Neil will commence his teaching on His Name is Yahweh.

Saturday Oct. 22cd :

Celebration starts in the morning at 9:30 am. until evening 9:00 pm along with any other guest speakers as Yahweh may include.

Jim Hutchens and Neil Snyder will be alternating their teachings during the day and evening.

We will be having a ALL day event. Lunch Grill out including Kosher Hot dogs and fried Red Fish and Trout. Dinner to include mesquite grilled chicken, venison, lamb and beef. All-inclusive day of celebration in the tent.

Sunday Morning Oct. 23rd

Sukkot celebration starts at 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. Worship , prophetic revelation , wrap up teachings from Neil and Jim.

Each night and days during SUKKOT Celebration, We will be showing videos of Teachings about the feasts, the end time events yet to occur, Torah readings and the real Mt. Sinai video along with worship and Holy Spirit intervention. It looks to be an exciting & eventful week as we seek to keep the feasts as commanded by Yahweh.

We will be worshiping and asking Yahweh for his revelation to come forth for this, his SUKKOT. I expect him to do something special for his remnant during this week. ALL in a new tent on our parking lot next to our office building.

Office and event address is 17336 W. Little York Rd. , Houston, 77084. For more information call – 281-550-7111.