By Victor Sharpe—

Perhaps we should replace Winston Churchill’s warning to the British Nation, which he delivered six months before that terrible and fateful act of appeasement towards Hitler at Munich, and apply it to our own American Nation today; particularly during these last eight years under Barack Hussein Obama.

We mark the 15 year old anniversary of that other fateful day in September, 2001; the day when a horrific atrocity in the name of Allah was perpetrated against two of America’s icons: the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
Churchill’s words ring eerily true for all of us now as we face the rising peril of Islamic supremacy. They ring unnervingly true as we witness the appalling political correctness and appeasement by the Obama regime – and by so many Western democracies – towards the barbaric Islamic scourge of jihad and terror that threatens to destroy what is left of freedom and Judeo-Christian civilization.

It is desolating to witness the descent of the United States of America; a victorious nation that truly has been a shining beacon in an often dark and frightening world and now is fundamentally being changed for the worse by a foreboding presence in the White House.

The atrocity of 9/11 was an act of utter evil. But how an enfeebled world, shackled by the unholy trinity of political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity, has failed to confront that evil will haunt us for years to come and give historians bafflement and much to contemplate.

Here are Churchill’s words that now can so sadly be applied to America:

I have watched this famous island descending incontinently,
fecklessly, down the stairway which leads to a dark gulf. It is a fine
broad stairway at the beginning, but after a bit the carpet ends.
A little farther on there are only flagstones, and a little farther on
still these break beneath your feet … if mortal catastrophe should
overtake the British Nation, historians a thousand years hence will
still be baffled by the mystery of our affairs.
They will never understand how it was that a victorious nation, with
everything in hand, suffered itself to be brought low, and cast
away all that had been gained by measureless sacrifice and absolute
victory – gone with the wind!

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of several books including The Blue Hour, a collection of short stories, and Volumes One, Two and Three of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.
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