By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News—

On Monday evening, a bomb went off in a crowded bus in Jerusalem, showering passengers trapped inside with deadly shrapnel and setting it ablaze. In what can only be described as a miracle, no one was killed.

It is thought that a terrorist in the back of the bus set the bomb off. When firemen and rescue personnel arrived, the bus and another nearby empty bus were engulfed in flames, a pillar of smoke visible from far off. Over 20 people were injured, seven moderately, two seriously. Five of the injured suffered from sever shell-shock, traumatized by the horror that surrounded them.

Before It’s News wrote that it was “a miracle there are no dead”. Many in the Hebrew language media echoed the sentiment. Eliyahu Eliovitch, one of the first volunteer medics to arrive at the scene, told the news site Kikar Shabbat, “Thank God, the people of ZAKA (who deal with dead bodies) arrived and had nothing to do. It is with God’s mercy that no one was killed.”

Expressing what several other first responders said in the media, he added, “It is only by a miracle that no one was killed in such a difficult attack. This could have ended in a much worse catastrophe, God forbid.” Read On…