Not if retired Army General, Chaplain James Hutchens can help it. Hutchens has released an eye-opening new video that links Christian replacement theology to second-class citizenship in the coming Kingdom of God. While praising the modern Catholic Church for moderating its earlier position blaming Jews for the crucifixion of the Messiah, Hutchens traces the roots of the modern-day replacement theology movement to the Council of Nicea…and ultimately, the Vatican. After nearly 1700 years, the Catholic Church still claims it has replaced Israel in God’s plan, usurping the unique promises of God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jewish descendants through the ages…including today.

This failure to esteem God’s promises to His ancient, unique people has allowed the current Pope, Frances, to shower his adulation upon terrorists like Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas. Frances went so far as to issue de facto Vatican recognition of the Palestinian state in a move certain to widen the gap between the Vatican State and Israel.