Never underestimate what YHVH can accomplish! Look what He did in a single 3-day period of time!

**Despair changed into hope
**Bondage turned into freedom
**Darkness turned into glorious light
**Sadness tuned into elation
**Brokenness turned into wholeness
**Rejection turned into intimate embrace
**Confusion turned into revelation understanding
**Doubt turned into faith
**Disappointment turned into delight
**Accusation turned into vindication
**Friendship turned into passionate discipleship
**Scattering turned into gathering
**Factions turned into family
**Strongholds turned into rubble
**Walls turned into doorways
**Blindness turned into sight
**Theory turned into reality
**Expectations turned into fulfillment
**Symbols turned into tangible reality
**Isolation turned into inclusion
**Eternity lost turned into eternity found
**A sealed, occupied, grave turned into a gateway for eternal life
**Limitations turned into unlimited possibilities
**Hell’s arrogance turned into hell’s humiliation

A tortured, slain, Passover Lamb became fully alive again, to reveal that He is the total SOVEREIGN KING OVER EVERYTHING!

The Creator of the Universe demonstrated in just three days that, because of His passionate LOVE FOR EACH OF US, He would go to hell and back to keep us with Him forever. Now is ANYTHING impossible to us, because of those three days, if we follow His leadership? Can we be defeated by ANYTHING if we embrace the reality of those three days as our personal truth? NO!! Look up and believe, regardless of what goes on around us! When He returns soon, it won’t take 3 days to reveal His Lordship! It won’t take 3 days for Him to set up His throne, and begin to rule from Jerusalem. It will happen INSTANTLY and SUDDENLY!

Continue what Yeshua started and secured in your life; knowing that every promise recorded in scripture will be accomplished. More than 2,000 years ago, He proved that His Word was authentic and eternally authoritative … and He did it in just 3 days!