Hebrew for the Goyim is one of the Jerusalem Connections most popular, and completely original, series of articles.  Researched by Dr. Pat Mercer Hutchens, Hebrew for the Goyim combines her intimate knowledge of Hebrew with the study of art theory.  Dr. Hutchens has found a gold mine which not only revolutionized her personal study of the Bible, but answered many troubling theological questions. For the seeker with a hungry heart, there is a very exciting world waiting for you.

First you will learn the basic origins of letters of the Hebrew alphabet, discovering most modern languages came from the same origins. You will learn that most of the letters were first a picture with a purpose, a drawing with a meaning called a “hieroglyph” (holy writing). Yes, there are codes in the Bible – in the letters. Then you will learn how letters were joined together into syllables and compound words, and how each letter affects the other. Originally everyday people knew the connection between the image and the meaning of the letter. In time these meanings were lost but in fact, each letter started as an image.

Hebrew for the Goyim Articles

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