millersShalom! We are Larry and Dede Miller with The Lev Project. The Lev Project (Lev in Hebrew means, “heart”) was born out of a promise we made while looking into the eyes of Holocaust Survivors. We have grown to love, aid and protect these miracle children of the Holocaust. Previously, we lived and worked in Eastern Europe, based in Hungary, for a total of 12 years, with 5 months spent as volunteers in Israel.

Strategically based in Budapest, Hungary, The Lev Project will be in immediate proximity to Former Soviet Union (FSU) countries. The Lev Project will:
Identify Survivors in critical need, collect and distribute aid, set up a container gardening network for growing vegetables, visitation, assist with Aliyah & the establishment of “Johanna’s 13:2 house”.

The Lev Project is 3/4 of the way towards meeting our one-time special needs expenses of moving and getting set-up in Eastern Europe, so we are almost there! At this time we are asking for your help as we work towards the needed $3,900 per month, in recurring monthly donations for accomplishing the goals of The Lev Project, for a one-year commitment total of $46,800.

While we are asking for an initial one-year commitment, The Lev Project will be an on-going, long-term work. You can help us reach this goal very quickly in a number of ways! Let’s break it down into just a few examples:
· 195 people giving $20 per month.
· 100 people giving $39 per month.
· 39 individuals giving $100 a month in recurring donations.

Visit our Go Fund Me Page.
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Spring is upon us and summer is fast approaching….this is the time to get fresh food into the hands of Survivors. With aging Survivors dying every day it is imperative that we get moving!

We are filled with faith that we will make a difference! Your contributions (and prayers!!) join us together as a team in helping to break the cycle of suffering for Survivors! Thank you so much!

Please visit The Lev Project’s website for more detailed information on the “Read all about it” page!”